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Software Download and Registration

Jaliya V4 is a new, innovative teaching software for Westafrican music und instruments.

The Shareware Version is fully functional (except that facilities New, Import and Export are disabled) and contains a choice of notations of typical music styles, original sounds and animated visualizations of the instruments listed below.

The Full Version contains a huge library of original music for all these instruments.

Kora - bridgeharp from Gambia/Senegal/Mali, 21, 22, 23, 24 strings, heptatonic
Percussion - Malinke Djembe Ensemble, Guinée
Donso Ngoni - bridgeharp from Mali, 6 strings, pentatonic
Goni Burkina - bridgeharp from Burkina Faso, 8 strings, pentatonic
Balafon Manding - xylophone from Gambia/Senegal/Mali, heptatonic
Balafon Burkina - xylophone from Burkina Faso, pentatonic
Ngoni/Xalam - lute from Mali, 4 strings
Sintir/Guimbri - bass lute from Morocco, 3 strings
Valiha - bamboo zither from Madagascar, 18 strings, heptatonic
Marovany - box zither aus Madagascar, 18 strings, heptatonic
Mvet - stick zither from Cameroon, 8 strings, tetratonic

More instruments to come!
You can even sample your own instrument, integrate it in Jaliya V4, create and play notations with the original sounds of your instrument in any tempo and any tuning.

See some screenshots of Jaliya V4 in the respective tours for the various instruments.

Get the update to version 4.1.1 of Jaliya with the latest improvements of the software if you have already downloaded a previous version.

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Supported Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista.
No tests have been made with Windows Emulators (i.e. VMWare) on other platforms (i.e. Mac, Linux). However, some users have reported that Jaliya V4 works fine on Mac's Virtual PC. Use at your own risk!

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Web www.kora-music.com


Download Jaliya V4.11 Shareware Version
Download size 39.5MB

Download to a temporary directory (i.e. c:\temp) and run the setup program jaliyasetup.exe
This will install Jaliya V4 Shareware Version.

That's it!
Now you can run jaliyav4.exe from the application directory (if you did not change it during installation it's in c:\program files\jaliyav4), from the Start menu or optionally from a desktop shortcut.


    Under Windows 95 and Windows 98 you might need to install a Microsoft component for database support (error message saying something like "provider not found ..."):
    Download Microsoft DCOM95 from here
    Download Microsoft DCOM98 from here
    It is required to have Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or higher installed.
    Download Microsoft DirectX current version from here
    Download size 35MB
    follow the instructions of Microsoft to install
    please notice that DirectX 8.0 must be installed under Win95, higher DirectX Versions need Win98/ME/2000/XP
    DirectX cannot be installed under WinNT4

    Windows XP or Vista users don't need that !!


Update to the newest Version

If you have already installed an earlier version of Jaliya you can update to the actual version (V4.1.1).
Please contact info@kora-music.com

Features added since release of V4.0.0:

    Menu - Extras - Capture to Wave File
    When playing the notation the music will be captured to a WAV file.

    Scrolling Notation
    The notation will be scrolled synchronously with the music playing.

    Stopped Sounds
    Notes sounding too long can be stopped at every tick.

    Swing slider
    Gives straight rhythms (2/4/8 pulses) a triolic feeling, gives triolic rhythms (3/6/9 pulses) a "dotted" feeling, >0 stretches first half of beat and shrinks second half, <0 does the reverse

    Volume and Pan sliders for Percussion
    Control Volume and Panorama individually for every instrument, mix Djembe1 to the left and Djembe2 to the right ...

    Hand-to-Hand notation for Djembe
    Notes for Djembe will automatically be shown hand2hand: red=right, blue=left. Bells are all left handed.

    New Design
    Program interface and software pages on www.kora-music.com/jaliya have got a new design. You look at it.

    New lute-type instruments added
    4-string Ngoni/Xalam (trad. "guitar" from Mali) and Sintir/Guimbri (Gnaoua bass guitar from Morocco) are included in Jaliya V410.
    Left hand fingering and right hand placking is shown, original sounds are played.


Jaliya V4 Full Version

Jaliya V4 Full Version currently features more than 120 Kora notations of traditional pieces with variations and improvisations played in the style of more than 30 Kora musicians from all Mande cultural regions.

In 20 years of Kora studies I have transcribed many of the recordings listed in the Kora Discography as well as private performances of many Kora Fola I recorded in West Africa. Other users of Jaliya V4 Full Version have also provided their notations for the Kora Jaliya archive. Now this collection of tunes and playing styles has grown to the most complete library of written Kora music to be found in the world (if there is another one ...) and it is still growing.

Jaliya V4 Full Version also contains more than 300 notations of traditional Malinke and other Westafrican rhythms for Percussion Ensembles with Djembe, Kenkeni, Sangpan, Dundun, Dundunba. Here you find an unsurpassed collection of original drum music !

Jaliya V4 Percussion Edition is available for Euro 50 for private usage as a separate package without the Kora library.
Pay with PayPal !

Jaliya V4 Full Version further contains notations and original sounds of traditional music for several Balafons, Donso Ngoni, Burkina Goni, Marovany, Valiha, Mvet.
Later there will be separate Jaliya Exotic Editions for these instruments, in sha' allah !

Jaliya V4 Complete Edition is available for Euro 100 for private usage. All notations for all instruments in one package.
Pay with PayPal !

What will happen after you buy with Paypal ?

After your Paypal payment I will be notified by Paypal about your purchase.
Then I will sent an email to the address you gave Paypal with a link to the Full Version download file attached. When you download and install this package you have upgraded to the Full Version and can use it without restrictions.

For institutional usage (multi-user license) contact info@kora-music.com.

  • Registered Users will receive extended versions of the software and the notation archive for free.

  • Registered Users may download new notations as JNF-Files (Jaliya Notation Files) as they are published on this page and import them into their notation archive.

  • Registered Users may export their creations as JNF-Files (Jaliya Notation Files) to exchange them with other users.

To purchase and register the Full Version you may also contact info@kora-music.com

Please download the Shareware Version on this page first and check if the software runs correctly on your system before you order Jaliya V4 Full Version (either Complete Edition or Percussion Edition). After payment and registration you will receive the Full Version's archive file by e-mail.


Content of Jaliya V4 Full Version

Here are new notations (mostly for Kora) that have been added to the notations archive since December 2006.
Registered users of the Full Version can download and import the JNF-files in JaliyaV4.

Recently about 40 new notations for Balafon Manding have been addeed also, see the list below
many thanks to Todd Martin (see his tutorial videos on YouTube), who has kindly provided them !

The Shareware Version does not import the notations.

Lasidan, Ballake Sissoko
Bajourou, Ballake Sissoko
Sirifo Haidara, Ballake Sissoko
Bani (Sanou), Ballake Sissoko
Mamaya, Ballake Sissoko
Arpège, Mikaël (by Mikaël)
Faré, Mikaël (by Mikaël)
dm ternaire, Mikaël (by Mikaël)
Konkoba, Cheick Tidiane Dia (by Sebastien)
Kaira (by Sebastien)
Minyamba, Seckou Keita
Sina Mory, Seckou Keita
Elyne Road, Toumani Diabate
Sinte ko no fe, Ali Diarra (Goni Burkina)
Kaira, Toumani Diabate


This is the content of Jaliya V4 Full Version by may 2011.

Title Artist


Abdou NDiaye Pape Soly Drame
Alla La Ke Alhaji Bai Konte
Alla La Ke Amadou Bansang Jobarteh
Alla La Ke Dembo Konte
Alla La Ke Eric Charry
Alla La Ke Harald Loquenz
Alla La Ke Toumani Diabate
Apollo Coadou Cissokho
Apollo Foday Musa Suso
Apollo Kora, Balafon et Percussion du Senegal
Asiminke Jali Nyama Suso
Asumka Batrou Sekou Kouyate
Bajourou Ballake Sissoko
Bako Te Madi Jali Nyama Suso
Balankula Bakeba Konte
Balankula Foday Musa Suso
Bamba Bojang Dembo Konte
Bani (Sanou) Ballake Sissoko
Bantangba Kuyate Jali Nyama Suso
Bata Abdou Galissa
Birimintingo Dembo Konte
Cheddo Alhaji Bai Konte
Cheddo Foday Musa Suso
Dandan Nyarya Tata Dindin
Diaoura Sidiki Diabate
Douga Bakeba Konte
Douga Sidiki Diabate
Famara Lalo Keba Drame
Fayinkunko Dembo Konte
Guilan Lalo Keba Drame
Hamma Ba Alhaji Bai Konte
Hirde Ba Sissoko
Jaka Bakeba Konte
Jaka Kandia Kouyate's Korist
Jaka Sana Suso
Jamanadiera Mamadou Diabate
Jarabi Toumani Diabate
Jato Alhaji Bai Konte
Jimbasengo (Mariama) Fakeba Diebate
Jula Faso Jali Nyama Suso
Jula Kara Nayni Sidiki Diabate
Kaira Keba Cissokho
Kaira Toumani Diabate
Kang Ti A Bakeba Konte
Kebaba Jana Pape Soly Drame
Kele (Turubang) Tata Dindin
Kelefa Saane Foday Musa Suso
Kelefaba Dembo Konte
Kita Baro Mamadou Diabate
Konkoba Bassirou Cissokho
Konkoba Papa Bunka Suso
Koulouba Kora Lalo Keba Drame
Kulanjan Sidiki Diabate
Kumbu Sora Fakeba Diebate
Kumbu Sora Harald Loquenz
Kurambisan Lalo Keba Drame
Kuruntu Kelefa Dembo Konte
Kuruntu Kelefa Eric Charry
Kuruntu Kelefa Salieu Suso
Lambamba Dembo Konte
Lambango Abdou Galissa
Lambango Bakeba Konte
Lambango (Jaliya) Bakeba Konte
Lasidan Ballake Sissoko
Lesson 1 Harald Loquenz
Lesson 2 Harald Loquenz
Lesson 3 Harald Loquenz
Makki Amadou Kanuteh
Makki Dembo Konte
Mali Sadio Jali Nyama Suso
Mali Sadio Marc Lardoux
Mama Manneh Bakeba Konte
Mama Manneh Basuru Jobarteh
Mama Manneh Jali Meseng Cissokho
Mama Sao Sirifo Galissa
Mamadou Bitiki Jali Nyama Suso
Mamadou Bitiki MBady Kouyaté
Mamaya Ballake Sissoko
Mamaya Karamoko Bangoura
Mansa Jata Dembo Konte
Masane Cisse Lalo Keba Drame
Momodou Masina Bakeba Konte
Musa Koli Foday Musa Suso
N Teri Jato Dembo Konte
N Teri Jato Sirifo Galissa
Nabaya Foday Musa Suso
Nasara Keba Cissokho
Nyin No Salum Diabate A La Dulo Bakeba Konte
Sabu Nyima Alhaji Bai Konte
Sekou Semega Fanta Damba´s Korist
Sifay Jali Meseng Cissokho
Simbomba Alhaji Bai Konte
Simbomba Fakeba Diebate
Simbomba Lalo Keba Drame
Sirifo Haidara Ballake Sissoko
Sori (Keme Bourama) Jali Nyama Suso
Sori (Keme Bourama) Sidiki Diabate
Soumbouyaya Djimo Kouyate
Suba Ni Mansaya Sidiki Diabate
Sundiata Foday Musa Suso
Sundiata Sidiki Diabate
tabara Jali Nyama
Tabara Jali Nyama Suso
tabara 1st part Jali Nyama
tabara 2nd part Jali Nyama
tabara 3rd part Jali Nyama
tabara 4th part Jali Nyama
Tabara intro Jali Nyama
Tamba Jamme Dembo Konte
Tara Sirifo Galissa
Tiramakhan Unknown
Toubabo Deli Pape Soly Drame
Toubabo Deli2 Pape Soly Drame
Toutou Batrou Sekou Kouyate
Toutou Djarra Djigiba Cissokho
Toutou Djarra MBady Kouyaté
Toutou2 Batrou Sekou Kouyate
Unknown Jali Nyonkoling Kuyateh
Unknown Jaliba Kuyateh
Wali Lulai Sirifo Galissa
Yeyengo Bakeba Konte
Yeyengo Kausu Kouyate
Yeyengo Salieu Suso
Yundumunko Dembo Konte

Title Artist

Balafon Manding

56 El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate
Bamba Sinja Maudo Suso
Hamma Ba Amadou Suso
Impro1 Fassely Diabate
Impro2 Fassely Diabate
Mamaya El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate
Allah La Ke L. Jessup
Apollo L. Jessup
Apollo M. Suso
Boloba (Kura) B. Sylla
Boloba (Kura) E. Charry
Boloba (Kura) L. Jessup
Fakoli E. Charry
Faringbulo L. Jessup
Jula Jekere L. Jessup
Kairaba A. Sylla
Kalata Mori A. Sylla
Kelo Le Ye Mandi Lo L. Jessup
Keme Burema (Sori) A. Sylla
Keme Burema (Sori) L. Jessup
Kolong Kuma L. Jessup
Kulanjan E. Charry
Lamban A. Sylla
Lamban E. Charry
Lamban L. Jessup
Makuru A. Sylla
Mali Sajo L. Jessup
Masani Ceesay L. Jessup
Mbu Muso L. Jessup
Nanfulen A. Sylla
Nyaama, Nyaama, Nyaama L. Jessup
Saxo Dugu A. Sylla
Sökö A. Sylla
Sorsonet Sory Diabaté
Sorsonet Test Sory Diabaté
Sorsonet 2 Sory Diabaté
Sunjata A. Sylla
Sunjata E. Charry
Sunjata L. Jessup
Sunjata Mang Bori Long L. Jessup
Sunjata Naata, Sumanguru Kante L. Jessup
Tabara L. Jessup
Tiramakang L. Jessup
Yabbulé A. Sylla
Yankadi A. Sylla

Title Artist

Percussion (Djembe Ensemble)

Abioueka Andreas Schamanek
Abondan Mamady Keita
Aconcon ??
Adjos ??
Adowa Catrin Pieri
Afro Mambo Rigert
Agaya ??
Akiwowo ??
Aloukou Aboulai
Ambiance .?
Ashiko ??
Bada Lennart Halstrom
Bagarra .?
Baji Tocho Biro Diakhaté
Balakulandjan Mamady Keita
Balan Sondé Famoudou Konate
Balan Sondé R.Clark
Bambafoli Paul Janse
Bando Djei Famoudou Keita
Bandogalli / Bando Djei Famoudou Konate
Baö Mamady Keita
Baö Mamady Keita
Bara Drissa Kone
Bara 12/8 (Bonjalan) Drissa Kone
Basikolo Lennart Halstrom
Baskeda Cissé Camara
Batakato John Fedderson
Bentanbolon .?
Bete .?
Bintin Richard Darsie
Binya Kelen Abouley Diakite
Bobaraha Abdouley Diakite
Bolon Drissa Kone
Bolonba Andreas Schamanek
Bolonba Arafan Touré
Bolonkonondo Harouna Dembele
Borohela Leonard Stijntjes
Boushay Modibo Keita
Bozo .?
Chingo .?
Daba Tantango .?
Dága Dagá Ackerman
Dallah Mamady Keita
Damba Famoudou Konate
Dambadan Kakilambe Salzburg/Austria
Dance de cloe Simossa
Dansa Drissa Kone
Dansa Mamady Keita
Dansa Serge Blanc
Danza Percussion Collective
Dembadounou / Grange Uli Mayr
Demosoni Kelen Mamady Keita
Denadon Mamady Keita
Dgigbo Leonard Stijntjes
Diaka .?
Dialaban Lancé Kaba. Benj
Dibon II Famoudou Konate
Didadi Drissa Kone
Didadi Serge Blanc
Dioula don .?
Dja Seny Touré
Djaa 1 Mamady Keita
Djaa 2 Mamady Keita
Djaa de Hamana Julien
Djabara .?
Djabara Mamady Keita
Djaga Seny Touré
Djagbe Mamady Keita
Djagbewara Mamady Keita
Djambadon Ursula Branscheid-Diabaté
Djanza Simossa
Djelidon Paul Nas,Larry Morris, Serge Blanc
Djenabadeni fato .?
Djoánni .?
Djolé Andreas Schamanek
Djolé Mamady Keita
Djolé Percussion Collective
Djolé Yann
Djoli Mamady Keita
Domba Ursula Branscheid-Diabaté
Dombolo Drissa Kone
Donaba Mamady Keita
Donba Jim Salem
Donsofoli Abouley Diakite
Doundoumba Percussion Collective
Doundoumba Tama Ursula Branscheid-Diabaté
Dundun Gbe Mamady Keita
Ebo .?
Enyiba .?
Fakaba .?
Fanga Andreas Schamanek
Fankani Andreas Schamanek
Fankani Mamady Keita
Fankani Percussion Collective
Fankani Percussion Collective
Fe .?
Flèche Klapband NL
Foret ??
Forgeron .?
Foro-Bingé .?
Fouaba Fodé Camara
Foumé Foumé .?
Foumé Foumé Charles Armah
Fula Faré (Yoleli) Oumar Dioubate, Mahamed Bangoura
G Beredu Mamady Keita
Gabalo Rigert
Gahu .?
Garangedon Mamady Keita
Garanka Drissa Kone
Gidama Mamady Keita
Gidamba Andreas Schamanek
Grenghefoli .?
Griot .?
Highlife Mark Szymanski
Ibo ??
Jerika Diakhaté
Jewe Mark Szymanski
Jinafoli Abdouley Diakite
Jondo Larry Morris
Jumbo .?
Kadan .?
Kajio .?
Kakidrame .?
Kakilambe Mamady Keita
Kakilambe Percussion Collective
Kala Cissé Camara
Kalankan Cissé camara
Kanin Mamady Keita
Kanin Béle Bélé Julien
Kanon .?
Kassa Mamady Keita
Kassa Percussion Collective
Kassa Soro Mamady Keita
Kassani soro .?
Kawa Mamady Keita
Kebendo Andreas Schamanek
Kebendo Famoudou Konate
Kele m Se Mamady Keita
Keledon Cissé Camara
Kemoba .?
Kenefoli .?
Koma Abouley Diakite
Komo Cissé Camara
Komodenu Percussion Collective
Konden 1 Wassolon Mamady Keita
Konden 2 Mamady Keita
Konjumalon Andreas Schamanek
Konkoba 1 Mamady Keita
Konkoba 2 Mamady Keita
Könö Mamady Keita
Könönari .?
Könöwulen 1 Mamady Keita
Kontemuru Karinkadjan
Koteba Cissé Camara
Kotedjuga Mamady Keita
Kpanlogo ??
Kpanlogo Kakilambe Salzburg/Austria
Kuku Mamady Keita
Kuku Percussion Collective
Kuku Percussion Collective
Kundabigoya ??
Kurubadon Mamady Keita
Kurubi Serge Blanc
La Bagaare Cécé Koly
Lafe Cissé Camara
Lamba Nigel Jacobs
Lambé Famoudou Keita
Le Bouqué Simossa
Le Kan .?
Lengjen Larry Morris
Lengjen fast part Cissé Camara
Lengjen slow part .?
Liberté Mamady Keita
Liberté Mamady Keita
Liberté Seny Touré
Limbadje Toko Mamady Keita
Limbadje Toko / Sofani Arafan Touré
Logo Pe Simossa
Lolo Luc de Cock
Lomba? .?
Maane/Maneh/Guinea Faré .?
Maane/Maneh/Guinea Faré Lennart Halstrom
Macrou Ursula Branscheid-Diabaté
Madan Drissa Kone
Madan Serge Blanc
Magla .?
Makru Mamady Keita
Makru Yann
Mamayah Mamady Keita
Maraba Benj
Maraca Harouna Dembele
Maraka Bamako Benj
Marakadon Drissa Kone
Marakadon Mamady Keita
Massou .?
Mbada ??
Mendiani Mamady Keita
Mendiani Percussion Collective
Mengani Diakhaté
Meni Cissé Camara
Meni Leonard Stijntjes
Meni Luc de Cock
Mola Ibro Konate
Molekanimani Djou Jee ??
Mombasa .?
Moribayassa Mamady Keita
Moribayassa Seny Touré
N Gorn / Toubala Kono .?
N Goron Mamady Keita
N Tomo Abdouley Diakite
Namani Famadou Konaté
Namani Mamady Keita
Nantalomba Mamady Keita
Ndeje Vu .?
Ngo Jigiba Abdouley Diakite
Nokobe .?
Noumou Unknown
Nunaka Benj
Nyaka Diakhaté
Nyaka Julo .?
Nyaka Julo A
O Djembe .?
Odunde ??
Palo .?
Panté Cissé Camara
Panter .?
Pari Rigert
Pran Pran .?
Queledon Kakilambe Salzburg/Austria
Rabodaille Lennart Halstrom
Rabodaille Sten Kallman
Saa Mamady Keita
Saba ??
Sabar Serge Blanc
Sanda Gundo Benj
Sandia Drissa Kone
Sandia Drissa Kone
Sanja Serge Blanc
Sansani Saba Famoudou Konate
Satemuso .?
Senefoli Mamady Keita
Senegale Gilbert Ndeje
Senegale Gilbert Ndeje 2
Senegale Gilbert Ndeje 3
Shiko ??
Sika .?
Silamalon .?
Silamalon Andreas Schamanek
Sinte Unknown
Sirankuruni Unknown
Siwé Unknown
Sobalon Biro Diakhaté
Soboniko Lennart Halstrom
Soboninkun Mamady Keita
Sofa Mamady Keita
Sogolon Serge Blanc
Sogonikun Drissa Kone
Soko Serge Blanc
Sökö Luc de Cock
Sökö Bombolan Fadouba Oulare, Benj
Soli des Manian Mamady Keita
Soli Lent Percussion Collective
Soli Rapid Percussion Collective
Soliwoulen Mamady Keita
Sorofoli Unknown
Sorsonet Percussion Collective
Sorsonet / Sornet Mamady Keita
Sorsornet Lennart Halstrom
Suku Drissa Kone
Suli ??
Sunguru Bani Andreas Schamanek
Sunun Drissa Kone
Sunun Mamady Keita
Taama Ibro Konate
Také Mamadou Kienou
Takonany Paul Nas
Takosaba Mamady Keita
Tansole Drissa Kone
Tantamba Seny Touré
Téla Simossa
Tiga Mona Abdouley Diakite
Timini Luc de Cock
Timini Michael Wall
Tiriba Mamady Keita
Tiriba Percussion Collective
Tordo Cissé Camara
Toro Mamady Keita
Tuba Seny Touré
Tumbao .?
Uffunu Tacoma King
Waka Juju Maul
Waraba Biro Diakhaté
Warabilen Abdouley Diakite
Warba Hyacinthe Yameogo
Wassolonka Drissa Kone
Wassolonka Mamady Keita
Woima Mamady Keita
Wolosodon Drissa Kone
Wonde Ibro Konate
Wonde2 Ibro Konate
Yabara Serge Blanc
Yaga Ursula Branscheid-Diabaté
Yamama ??
Yankadi Mamady Keita
Yebu Ursula Branscheid-Diabaté
Yembela Mark Szymanski
Yogwi - Guine Fare Seny Touré
Yoki Markus Sitter
Zagorobi Baba Touré
Zaouli Mamady Keita
Zaouli Ternair Mamady Keita
Zebula .?
Zigri Mamady Keita

Title Artist

Balafon Burkina

Affenbrot Harald Loquenz

Title Artist

Donso Ngoni

Donso Foli Harald Loquenz
Lobi Harald Loquenz
Mogosebeba Mamoutou Mangala Camara

Title Artist

Goni Burkina

Binta Nomoko Harald Loquenz

Title Artist


Isa Roa Telo Rakotozafy
Mangata Dalana Madame Masy
Ramaniareo Rakotozafy
Toliara Harald Loquenz

Title Artist


Betsy Harald Loquenz

Title Artist


Bamoun Harald Loquenz


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