Contact with the Author

Harald Loquenz
Salzburg, Austria

Since 1984 I am doing intensively Kora studies.
I have traveled several times to West Africa and have established contacts and made friends with Mandinka Kora musicians.

Besides the Kora I am interested in a couple of other string instruments from West- and North-Africa, Madagascar and the Orient, Asia:
Donso Ngoni, Ngoni (Konting), Sintir (Guimbi), Valiha, Marovany, Kabosy, Mvet, Rababa, Saz (Baglama), Tar, Vina, Zheng

Some of these instruments I also play as a member of the World Music Ensembles:

Affenbrot (West Africa, Percussion, Vocal)

Ahura (Persian Sufi Music)

Kakilambe (Afro-Oriental Jazz)

Kora Jaliya (Kora Duo with guest musicians)

other projects:

Gemeinde Rennweg am Katschberg in Carinthia, Austria
Software of 3D-Cartography, panorama images, hiking maps, virtual flights

origin and ancestors of the family Loquenz