Notation Archive

The Notation Archive is the central part of the application.

The Full Version currently contains ca. 90 notations by ca. 30 different interprets for Kora and Donso Ngoni. The archive will be continually extended by new notations, which are provided for Registered Users as KNF-Files for import in their database.

The Shareware Version of the installation package at the Download Page contains only few representative notations as examples.

Please contact, if you want to purchase the Full Version.

100 EUR / 100 USD for private usage
200 EUR / 200 USD for institutional usage
Software Updates and further notations (KNF-Files) are free

Content List

The content of the archive is organized by Title and Interpret. It can be sorted and listed by both categories.

The button "+" opens all categories (shows all notations of a title/interpret) and the button "-" closes them (shows only titles/interprets).

Open categories with single click.

Activate a notation with single click for loading.

Browse the list with cursor up and down keys. The space key opens and closes categories. The letter keys jump alphabetically to the next matching entry.

Properties of the Notation

The name of the Title and Interpret, and a Comment is specified here.

The type of Instrument (21-, 23-string Kora, 6-string Donso Ngoni), the Metrum (Beats per Bar and Pulses per Beat) and the Tuning are specified before loading.

The Tonal Base specifies the mode of the notation: default F-major, alternately C-major.

Managing the Notations

The button "Load" loads the notation into the Notation Editor , where it may be played and edited.

Any number of notations may be loaded at the same time. The archive may be called from the editor to load another notation into the editor.

After closing the editor the changes in the notation may be saved into the archive with the button "Update".

The button "New" creates a new notation, "Copy" copies the loaded notation in a new one, "Cancel" terminates this operation, "Insert" adds the new notation into the archive, "Delete" deletes the loaded notation from the archive (Beware: there is no "Undo" !).

Details specifies further properties of the notation.

The notation archive kann is closed with the button "Close" only when the last edited notation is closed. As long as there is a notation loaded into the editor, the button "Return" will return there.

KNF-Files (Kora Notation File)

offer the possibility to exchange notation with other user of the software.
Everybody who creates, composes or transcribes a new notation may export it a KNF-File and send it by Email to Notations provided by users of the software as well as "official" extensions of the archive will be listed on the Download-Page, from where they may be downloaded at imported be every Registered User.

Share your oeuvres with other Kora Fola and help to make a most comprehensive archive of Kora Music.

Anyway, Export, Import and New is reserved for Registered Users who have purchased the Full Version.

Import creates a new notation from a KNF-File.

Export writes the loaded notation to a KNF-File.

Copyright 1997-2003 Harald Loquenz. All rights reserved