Kora Discography

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Traditional Gambia

CD Ocora C 580027, Jali Nyama Suso, "The Art of the Kora", ***MUST HAVE*** [ Order ]

CD Rounder 5001, Alhaji Bai Konte, "Jato, The Lion", ***MUST HAVE*** [ Order ]

CD Music of the World CDT-129, Amadou Bansang Jobarthe, "Tabara", ***MUST HAVE*** [ Order ]

CD Lyrichord LYRCD 7418, Salieu Suso, "Griot" [ Order ]

CD World Network WDR 23, Tata Dindin, "Salam" [ Order ]

CD Water Lily Acoustics WLA-AS-25, Al-Haji Papa Bunka Susso, "A Gathering Of Elders" [ Order ]

LP Water Lily Acoustics WLA-AS-25, Al-Haji Papa Bunka Susso, "Songs of Kings and Warriors"

LP Folkways FW8514, Alhaji Bai Konte, Dembo Konte, Malamini Jobate, "Gambian Griot Kora Duets"

LP Virgin VX 1006, Alhaji Bai Konte, Dembo Konte, Malamini Jobate, "Kora Music and Songs from the Gambia"

LP Rounder 5021, Dembo Konte, Malamini Jobate, "Jaliya"

LP Rogue FMSL 2009, Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh, "Tanante"

LP Rogue FMSL 2011, Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh, "Simbomba", CD FMSD 5011

CD Weekend Beatnik WEBE 9032, Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh, "Kairaba Jabi"

CD Xenophile XENO 4036, Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyateh &Mawdo Suso "Jaliology"[ Order ]

LP Harlequin HQ 2060, "Hot Music in the Gambia 1984"

LP Free Music Production SAJ-51, Jali Nyama Suso, "Kora Music from Gambia"

LP Sonet SNTF 729, Jali Nyama Suso, "Songs from theGambia"

LP Ethnodisc ER12102, Jali Nyama Suso et al., "Kora Manding"

LP Flying Fish Records FF380, Foday Musa Suso, Jarju Kuyateh, Tamba Suso, "Mansa Bendung"

LP Folkways FW8510, Foday Musa Suso, "Kora Music from the Gambia"

LP Lyrichord LLST 7308, Foday Musa Suso, "The Kora & The Xylophone" [ Order ]

CD Ellipsis Arts, Foday Musa Suso, "Jali Kunda", sort of field recordings, comes with book, beautiful fotos [ Order ]

CD Sounds of the World SOW 90128, Tiramakhan Ensemble feat. Jali Lamin Kuyateh, "Songs from Gambia"

CD Latitudes LAT 50611, Yan Kuba Saho, "Kora Music from Gambia"[ Order ]

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Traditional Senegal

CD JVC VICG-5227. Sunjul Cissokho, Ma Hawa Kouyate, "Songs of the Griots"

LP N'Dardisc 33.10, Soundioulou Cissokho, Lalo Keba Drame, "Folklore du Senegal"

LP N'Dardisc 33.13, Lalo Keba Drame, "Musique Instrumentale Mandingue"

LP Sonafric SAF 50106, Pape Soly Drame, "Folklore du Senegal"

CD Victor VDP-1118, Lamine Konte, "A Minstrel Of Senegal"

CD Playasound PS 65079, Jali Keba Kouyate, Fode Drame, Bana Sissokho, "Senegal - La Kora des Griots", solo and duet medleys [ Order ]

LP Arion ARN 33602, "Kora, Balafon & Percussions du Senegal"

Traditional Mali / Guinée

LP Bärenreiter Musicaphon BM30L2505, Premiere Anthologie de la Musique Malienne, Sidiki Diabate, Batrou Sekou Kouyate, Djelimadi Sissoko, N'Fa Diabate, "Cordes Anciennes", ***MUST HAVE***

CD Buda Musique du Monde 1977822, Sidiki Diabate, Batrou Sekou Kouyate, Djelimadi Sissoko, "Cordes Anciennes", ***MUST HAVE***

CD Buda Cobalt 09279-2, Moriba Koïta, "Sorotoumou", focused on Ngoni, with Yakhouba Cissokho on Kora, ***MUST HAVE***

LP Rogue FMS/NSA 001, Sidiki Diabate and Ensemble, "Ba Togoma"

CD Hannibal Records HNCD 1338, Toumani Diabate, "Kaira", ***MUST HAVE*** [ Order ]

CD Hannibal Records HNCD 1428, Toumani Diabate, Ballake Sissoko, "Nouvelles Cordes Anciennes - New Ancient Strings", ***MUST HAVE*** [ Order ]

CD Hannibal Records HNCD 1338, Toumani Diabate, "Djelika" [ Order ]

CD Indigo, Ballake Sissoko, "Deli" [ Order ]

CD Bibi Afric (Indigo), Jeli Moussa (Ballake) Sissoko, "Kora Music from Mali" [ Order ]

CD Playasound PS, Yakhouba Cissokho on Kora, Lansana Kouyate on Balafon, one track with Donso Ngoni, "Mali - Griot Music and Chants" [ Order ]

LP Makossa KR28, Batrou Sekou Kouyate, "Keme Bourama"

LP Sonodisc KLP 1041, Batrou Sekou Kouyate

LP Editions Syliphone Conakry SLP 37, Kouyate Sory Kandia, "L'Epopee du Mandingue"

CD Syllart, El Hadj Sory Kandia Kouyate, "L'Epopée du Mandingue", [ Order ]

CD Musique de Monde 92629-2, M'Bady et Diaryatou Kouyaté, "Guinée: Kora et Chant du N'Gabou", Volume 1 [ Order ]

CD Musique de Monde 92648-2, M'Bady et Diaryatou Kouyaté, "Guinée: Kora et Chant du N'Gabou", Volume 2 [ Order ]

Modern / Fusion

CD Koch International 322413, Kemang Kanouté, "Farafina" [ Order ]

CD Koch International 322412, Sourakata Koite & Diombo Kouyate, "Les Griots"

LP Keytone African Line KAL 601, Sourakata Koite, "Senegambia"

LP Plexus KMH 7090285, Sourakata Koite, "En Hollande"

LP Tangent TAN LP 7002, Djeli Moussa Diawara

LP World Circuit WCB008, Jali Moussa Jawara, "Soubindoor"

LP Arion ARN 33179, Lamin Konte, "La Kora Du Senegal"

LP Arion ARN 33701, Lamin Konte, "Afrique, mon Afrique"

CD Worldly Triloka 320209-2, Vieux Diop [ Order ]

CD Hannibal HNCD 1383, Ketama, Toumani Diabate, "Songhai 2"

LP Rogue FMSL 2020, Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyate, 3Mustaphas3, "Jali Roll"

CD Omnium Records 2004, Dembo Konte, Kausu Kuyate, 3Mustaphas3, "Jali Roll", funny fusion with rock&roll [ Order ]

CD Flying Fish Records FF70076, Mandingo Griot Society feat. Foday Musa Suso [ Order ]

LP CBS 26397, Herbie Hancock, Foday Musa Suso, "Village Life"

LP Flying Fish Records FF318, Foday Musa Suso, "Hand Power",

CD Wea/Atlantic/Rhino..., Moussa Kanoute, "Dance of the Kora" [ Order ]

CD Hannibal, Toumani Diabate, "Songhai" Kora-Flamenco Fusion [ Order ]

CD Hannibal, Toumani Diabate, "Songhai 2" Kora-Flamenco Fusion [ Order ]

CD Rykodisk, Kaouding Cissokho, Baaba Maal, "Kora Revolution" innovative Kora based on Mande/Fula music [ Order ]

CD Alula Records, Mamadou Diabate, "Tunga", young Kora virtuoso, playes in the style of Toumani Diabate [ Order ]

CD Hannibal, Toumani Diabate, Taj Mahal, "Kulanjan" Kora-Blues Fusion [ Order ]

CD Namun Records, N'Faly Kouyate and Dunyakan, "N'Na Kandje", modern Kora music with vocals and band [ Order ]

CD, Dembo Jobarteh, "Listen All", young Gambian Kora player [ Order ]

CD Bibiafrica, Jobarteh-Kunda, "Ali Heja", afro-carribean music with jazz and pop influences [ Order ]

CD Bibiafrica, Jobarteh-Kunda, "Taling Taling", tales from West Africa with Kora accompaniment[ Order ]

CD, Zoumana Diarra, "A Manding Journey", Mali instrumental music on string instruments, all played by Zou [ Order ]

CD Extraplatte EX149, Kakilambe, "Ancestral Callings" (featuring Harald Loquenz on kora, donso ngoni, maruvani, vina)

CD Extraplatte EX303-2, Kakilambe, "tiki-ti-tiki" afro-oriental world music with jazzy saxes, ethnic string instruments, drums and percussion (featuring Harald Loquenz on kora, donso ngoni, saz, sentir)

hear some sound samples and [ Order ]

World Music from Austria

Notations of Kora Music

Learn to play what you like to hear !!

In 20 years of Kora studies I have transcribed many of the recordings listed in the discography as well as private performances of many Kora musicians I recorded in West Africa. Arguably this collection of tunes and playing styles has grown to the most complete library of written Kora music to be found in the world (if there are any..). More than 120 notations of traditional pieces in all styles with variations and improvisations are compiled in the software notation archive of Jaliya V4 Software" .

The software plays the notations with original sampled Kora sounds in any tuning and any desired tempo while an animated Kora bridge with flashing strings shows you how to play the music. Even the most intricate polyrhythmic patterns and improvisations are easy to learn with the assistence of this ultimate Kora teacher.

So if you have got a Kora but there is no teacher around and you cannot afford to stay in West Africa for a long time ...

you definitly have to get Jaliya V4 Software!!

Order copies of LPs !!

This is a special service for Registered Users of the Jaliya V4 software.

The LPs listed in the discography and also some of the CDs are very hard or even impossible to find. Registered Users having purchased Jaliya V4 Full Version can order CD copies of these historical recordings. They also get access to new and extended notations as I provide them. Contact me.

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