Overview Window

The purpose of the Overview Window is navigating in the notation.

The notation is displayed in compressed format, the notes are shown as small squares. Normal fading notes are filled with color, dampened notes have a colored border. The colors are related to the fingers. The beats are shown by vertical lines. The bars are numbered at the lower border. Horizontal lines separate the octaves.

The black bordered Notation Rectangle delimits the part of the notation to be viewed in the Notation Window. Its position can be changed by clicking and dragging inside the Overview Window.

The width of the rectangle can be changed by moving the left or right border line. The Notation Window will adjust position and number of pulses accordingly.

If the notation is not fully shown in the overview, it may be moved within the notation bwith the scroll bar.

The size and therefore the number of pulses shown in the overview can be modified by clicking at the upper or lower border: left button = bigger / less (zoom in), right button = smaller / more (zoom out).

The vertical green line marks the cursor position in the notation. While playing the cursor line moves synchronously with the pulses of the metrum and marks the position of the notes played in the notation.

    The Overview Button shows and hides the Overview Window.

Copyright 1997-2003 Harald Loquenz. All rights reserved