Notation Window

The purpose of the Notation Window is editing and playing the notes.


Moving the cursor in playing direction from left to rigth over a pulse (tick, vertical line) will play the notes on the selected sound output device (Wave or Midi). Synchronously the related strings in the Bridge Window are "plucked" visually with flashing colors.


"Normal" Notes are set by clicking in the notation with the left mouse button. They will sound until they fade out. Clicking again resets the note.

Clicking with the right mouse button sets and resets a "dotted" note. These notes dont fade out, they are dampened immediately after plucking. The dampening technique Detero is an essential style element of Kora Music and more generally of Mande Music.

Clicking with Shift-Key pressed changes the Uppercase letters to Lowercase and vice versa, that means the string should not be plucked with the default finger, but with the other one, i.e. with the thumb instead of the index finger and inversely.

    four variants of plucking:

Click (default finger plays) left: normal, Click right: dampened

Shift Click (other finger plays) left: normal, Shift right: dampened


Regions of the notation can be selected blockwise by dragging with pressed mouse button over a rectangular region.

The selected region is shown with inverse colors.

    When playing the notation by clicking the Play button only the selected block will be played and looped.

Clicking now in the notation does not set or reset notes but brings up a menu with editing block operations (this menu is also avalaible in the Edit Menu):

Reset Selection returns to editing mode and resets the colors.

Undo the last editing operation.

Insert Ticks inserts empty pulses before selected block in length of the block.

Delete Ticks deletes the pulses of the selected block.

Clear Ticks deletes the content of the selected block, but leaves the empty pulses.

Copy Block copies the selected block to the clipboard.

Paste Block copies the clipboard in length of the selected block to the selected block, this implies that the destination region must be selected in the desired length before copying.

Cut Block is the combination of Copy Block and Delete Ticks.

Copyright 1997-2003 Harald Loquenz. All rights reserved